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HT Index

As you are aware , I am SEBI RGD Research Analyst and Financial Adviser and I use all my 10+ years of Experience in Market in HT Index Channel for Predominant Intra day Players ( 80 percent intra and 20% Positional, trading in Cash , fno and options )

Nifty and Bank Nifty Intra Day Numbers would be shared daily before 9.20 am and we Buy at Support and Sell at Resistance numbers with our Standard 2k Stop loss .

Positional Charts of Index based on Harmonics /Gann/WW /ORT would also be Shared .

Here we teach Members as how to Make Money work for us by adopting Methods to be Disciplined as Narrated by Swami Vivekanada .

Minimum Capital Required to Trade : 30k

We don’t trade daily , we are hunters and trade only we get our numbers and we Trade in OUR ZONE with our Smallest SL

Summary of December ( as on Dec 27) !

Wanna breakthrough the losses and experience the profits?